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Protect Against Hazards

Build a first line of defense that protects your people, equipment and property. Custom aluminum framing from 80/20 lets you design your own machine guarding and enclosures.

Integrate Your Machine

Accelerate machine performance with T-slot aluminum products from 80/20 that can bring your machines, framing and processes together to create a single, unified operation. 

Optimize Processes

Efficient facilities equal better, safer, more productive workflows. 80/20’s custom aluminum framing makes it easy to modify and expand your space from floor to ceiling. 

Increase Productivity

Make material handling your competitive edge by eliminating bottlenecks and inefficiency. With custom aluminum products from 80/20, you can configure the solution you need. 

Precision & Durability

Bring automation into your processes with 80/20’s custom solutions. Build flexible framing to support the tools, robotics and sensors you want—wherever you want them. 

Lean & Ergonomic

Each worker and workstation are different. 80/20’s aluminum framing systems let you create the setups you need today and reconfigure them when workflows change.