The Extra Mile

Get What You Expect

At 80/20 we go the extra mile to ensure you get the product you want how you want it. We adhere to rigorous quality checks throughout the entire product lifecycle. This 80/20 difference means that on every order, your parts will be cleaned and individually packed. Hardware and parts will be clearly labeled and packaged with appropriate measures for safe transit.

Kit Form Orders

For orders that you need segmented into kits or bundles, that’s not a problem. Receiving your shipment in kit form is especially useful for instances where you have multiples of the same project, allowing for easy organization and setup.

Large Quantities

If you are ordering large quantities, our bundling service packages similar products together. For instance, all of your bars will be packed together and all of your panels packed together. As with every order, they will be clearly labeled. Bundled orders typically have lower freight costs due to their consolidated nature.

Custom Packaging Service

When you have an order with specific packing requirements, we can accommodate with our Custom Packaging Service.

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Get Hands-On with 80/20!

An 80/20 Specialist will come to you with our product gurney for a full demonstration.


— We’ll come right to you so that you can see and interact with 80/20 products. The van transports a gurney full of profile and panel samples, fasteners, and accessories so that you can get hands-on with the product.
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