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Modern and Modular Design

Fun and Functional

Your fixtures and displays need to be functional and adaptable while also promoting brands and attracting attention. And, this all needs accomplished under tight time frames and deadlines. 80/20 products allow you to be creative and innovative with straightforward design and assembly.

Straightforward Changes

80/20 T-slot profiles, panels and parts provide a contemporary and sleek appearance that people notice. This system also has the added benefits of being modular and adjustable, meaning when your display or fixtures need to change, 80/20 can accommodate.

Sturdy & Durable Products

Because 80/20 profiles are made of aluminum they are a durable and long-lasting solution, especially useful for digital display frames and stands. They have an anodized finish and won’t chip, rust or corrode. What’s more, you can choose from a range of color options to suit your needs.

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"The most effective way for retailers to future-proof their businesses is to become more responsive and able to adapt to change very quickly."

Outdoor installation of aluminum extrusion tables and benches in an industrial setting.

Increase Your Options

You also have a wide variety of panels, mesh, and aluminum plates to choose from that can be seamlessly integrated into 80/20 T-slot profiles. This means if you need something weatherproof, see through, or even textured we’ve got you covered. 80/20 is your one-stop-shop for retail fixture and display solutions. We help you meet your timeframes by providing your total solution fast!

Exhibition booth with aluminum framing, showcasing a red race car and various display materials.

Beyond Fixtures

If you’re designing a pop-up retail shop, stop by our Displays page for some more information and inspiration. You'll also find 80/20 products in retail logistics and warehouse processes, specifically material handling applications such as custom carts and workstations. Request a free copy of the Material Handling or Workstations Solutions booklets today for more details.

Assorted aluminum extrusion profiles with connectors and a wrench, highlighting custom assembly options.

Get Hands-On with 80/20!

An 80/20 Specialist will come to you with our product gurney for a full demonstration.

Solution Possibilities

  1. Fixtures
  2. Displays
  3. Signs
  4. Furniture
  1. Custom Carts
  2. Racks
  3. Shelves
  4. Much More!
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— We’ll come right to you so that you can see and interact with 80/20 products. The van transports a gurney full of profile and panel samples, fasteners, and accessories so that you can get hands-on with the product.
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