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Products for Evolving Environments

Strong and Sustainable

80/20 T-slot profiles optimize automotive processes that are constantly evolving and play an integral role in bringing vehicles to market. This strong and durable building system withstands repetitive motion and is easily reconfigurable for adjustments and changes. From resilient support structures to guarding barriers, T-slot profiles provide an easy-to-implement solution.

Versatility is Key

80/20 T-slot profiles touch all aspects of the automotive industry. Manufacturers and suppliers alike find the versatility, durability, and customization of 80/20 products a competitive advantage that increases safety, application life, and productivity, while at the same time decreasing maintenance costs, cycle times, and assembly resources.

Simple and Customizable

T-slot solutions within the automotive industry include personalized material-handling carts, test fixtures, machine frames for collaborative robots, and paint booths, to name a few. The strength of aluminum affords greater product life while the wide profile offering allows customization to create designs that fit your processes.

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Research Shows: Automakers spend more than $100 billion globally each year on R&D, ranking the auto industry ahead of other technology-driven industries.

Efficient Assembly

Your projects can be built using a simple hand tool and without the need for expensive, skilled labor. Also consider that the connections are tight and secure. While other options, such as piping or tube framing, might claim to be cheaper, they are not as sturdy, don’t last as long and almost always require expensive modifications to fit your requirements.

Decreased Cost of Ownership

When you analyze the total cost of alternative materials, there’s no comparison. T-slot profiles are reconfigurable, last longer, require less assembly resources, and are easily redeployed. An added benefit; profiles don’t chip, fade or rust. They look modern and clean, adding that touch of professionalism that signifies a focus on quality.

Lean into Today and Tomorrow

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Solution Possibilities

  1. Guarding Barriers
  2. Machine Frames
  3. End-of-Arm Tooling
  4. Work Cells
  5. Conveying System
  1. Material Handling Carts
  2. Mobile Workstations
  3. Test Fixtures
  4. Custom Racks
  5. Robotic Arms
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