Personalized and Flexible Solutions

Adaptable Applications

Research projects and initiatives are in a constant state of flux. Universities devote their time and resources to testing and prototyping, which, by their nature, require flexibility and adaptability. 80/20 T-slot products are modular and allow you to experiment until you find what works best for your research initiatives and your work areas.

Optimize Your Space

You'll find the 80/20 T-slot system enables you to scale your processes to conform to current projects. It also means that when the time comes to modify activities or redesign your space, you'll be able to implement quickly and efficiently. T-slot profiles and parts are easy to assemble and make changes along the way.

Focus on Safety

Safety, in terms of both people and property, is an important consideration when designing a project, lab or research area. 80/20 has a wide range of panels, profiles and parts to create the guard or enclosure that fits your requirements. Visit the Safety and Guarding section for more details and information on the benefits of 80/20 customized protection solutions.

Did you know that touch screens and lithium-ion batteries that are used in smartphones, laptops, and electric vehicles were discovered through research at universities?

The 80/20 Advantage

80/20 offers a sustainable solution that doesn’t require specialized labor or machine shops to make modifications. Create custom lab and research stations, prototypes, testing applications, storage spaces, or racks and carts. You have access to a range of sizes, shapes and strengths; smaller profiles coupled with fastening plates are perfect for testing situations that require several revisions. Use high-strength, larger profiles when there is frequent repetition, for robotic framing, or as a structural base.

Withstands Environments

As you’re designing the optimal configuration for your project, you need materials that can withstand a variety of environments. Anodized aluminum is resistant to hydraulic fluids and harsh cleaning chemicals and can handle high-impact and frequent use. Fastening methods are vibration-resistant, ensuring strong connections. Keep in mind that aluminum is conductive; 80/20 products channel a charge in order to prohibit static buildup or the risk of sparks when you’re working with electronics.

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  3. Custom Research Stations
  4. Guarding Solutions
  5. Storage Spaces
  1. Modular Workbenches
  2. Enclosures
  3. Material Handling Carts
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