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Protect Your Workforce and Equipment

Custom Solutions

Injury and hefty fines are results of inadequate preventative measures. OSHA fines have risen by more than 80% in recent years. Whether it’s a machine guard or visual barrier, the application needs to fit your workforce and your processes. It must accommodate maintenance and repairs, integrate safety components, and meet all OSHA requirements.

Durable and Flexible

Longevity of materials is an important factor in guarding equipment, along with flexibility for maintenance and redesign or expansion. 80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles offer a reconfigurable solution with durability and strength comparable to steel. The 2-degree drop-lock ensures secure connections that are vibration-resistant.

Variety of Products

80/20 provides a wide range of products for guarding that limit your risks and costs. The T-slot framing system allows you to mount additional safety components, such as switches, security cameras, or light relays that are easy to reposition, as needed. With alternatives like steel, you won’t have the luxury of making immediate adjustments. Get your Solutions Booklet for all the details.

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The average cost of a minor incident is 16 times greater than the cost of the preventative measure.

Reduce Preventable Loss

When you need to keep people out and property in, custom guarding and enclosures aid in damage protection and loss prevention. Physical and visual partitions set off important, delicate, and valuable property and assist with inventory controls. These barriers help keep your workplace safe, lean, and organized by quickly warning workers of hazardous areas or equipment, identifying areas accessible to people or those off-limits, and clearly showing storage locations.

Proper Protection

Did you know that OSHA requires fall protection at elevations as low as four feet? Additionally, employers must design layouts that prevent workers from falling off elevated workstations. Frequently overlooked, OSHA necessitates that guarding be provided over dangerous machinery, regardless of the fall distance. The modular nature of 80/20 products provides a custom solution that is fast and straightforward to implement. Use T-slot profiles and products to provide interchangeable rail systems.

Smart-Size Your Guard

Download your free Guarding Solutions Booklet for examples and to learn how 80/20 creates a safe and lean workplace.

Solution Possibilities

  1. Enclosures
  2. Visual Barriers
  3. Machine Guards
  4. Safety Fencing
  1. Custom Partitions
  2. Inventory Storage Units
  3. Robotic Guards
  4. Interchangeable Rail Systems
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