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More Than a Frame

80/20 T-slot aluminum framing offers durability and strength comparable to steel, but without the corrosive properties and heavy assembly and maintenance costs. Consider the automotive industry’s switch from heavy steel frames to lightweight and strong aluminum. Aluminum offers a faster, safer, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. Our unique two-degree drop-lock feature provides connections that are strong and vibration resistant.

Integrate Your Machine

With T-slot profiles and parts you can integrate cables, automation components, computer monitors, and safety devices anywhere along the T-slot frame. Add tools where they can best optimize your operations. What’s more; it’s simple to make adjustments as you need to move, add, fix, or make changes to the parts. Steel options can’t provide this level of flexibility.

Design Custom Solutions

With an 80/20 machine frame you are no longer confined to prefabricated solutions that often require expensive modifications or cost you valuable floor space. The 80/20 T-slot system enables you to design custom applications that fit your operations, your workforce and your goals. For example, design a frame that includes access for maintenance, built-in storage, or integration points for material handling equipment.

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Did You Know?

80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles have a comparable strength to steel but at about 1/3 the weight!

Products for
Your Processes

You have access to the largest stock and variety of products in the industry to meet all of your specifications. 80/20 offers a wide selection of profile series in both the fractional and metric family, with options ranging from as large as 3” x 6”, to as small as 20 x 20mm. We can meet your project needs, no matter the scale.

Linear Motion

80/20 linear motion products are easily incorporated, introducing movement and opening up possibilities. All 80/20 bearings have UHMW pads that are self-lubricating, eliminating the need for messy oils and reducing maintenance time and costs. And with an infinite number of connection points, the 80/20 T-slot system delivers unmatched precision and adjustability.

Make it Mobile
With Casters

Add mobility with casters rated up to 2200 pounds per wheel, or immobilize equipment at a desired location with position floor locks. Choose from leveling feet that are chemical resistant and can reduce and absorb vibration or even add anchors. From top to bottom, 80/20 has the framing components to fit your needs.

How Can You Remove Redundancies?

Download your free Machine Frames Solutions Booklet and see how to streamline processes with 80/20 integrated solutions.

Solution Possibilities

  1. Machine Safety Guards
  2. Mobile Workstations
  3. Pick and Place Systems
  4. Machine Enclosures
  1. Hydraulic Lifts
  2. Robotic Cells
  3. Laboratory Enclosures
  4. Conveyor Systems
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