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Ergonomic Workspaces with Unique Solutions

Modular for Change

80/20 provides T-slot aluminum profiles and products to design custom ergonomic solutions for any industry. It is a modular option that allows you to create applications that fit your workforce and processes. Assembly and implementation is straightforward and only requires simple hand tools.

Fit and Function

An ergonomic workspace conforms to the natural movements and reach of the operator. Understanding personnel as well as sizes and shapes of the required equipment and tools can help reduce or eliminate safety hazards. 80/20 products provide a custom solution that allow you to do just that.

Integrate Resources

The T-slot profile has channels that allow you to mount components directly to your structure. This provides infinite positioning and easy accessibility of accessories such as storage and organization bins, safety controls, bar code scanners, lights, or computer monitors that can be integrated into your frame. Reduce reaching, lifting, and awkward stances through tailored solutions.

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Studies report that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the largest category of workplace injuries, comprising about 30% of all costs.

Industrial setting with a machine featuring a spool of yellow material and robotic handling equipment.

Reduce Your Risk

The ability to pressurize a T-slot frame provides a built-in overhead rail for multiple tools. This reduces the risk associated with switching and holding heavy equipment for extended amounts of time. It also removes an airline-tripping hazard. Profiles allow you to run the hoses, tubes and wires within the T-slot channel to create an organized environment.

A yellow and red industrial lifting device in a workshop environment, with a large white tire attached.

Consider Custom

Prefabricated options are not tailored to your processes and are not as sturdy, dependable, or as strong as 80/20 custom solutions. They don’t last as long, can’t be reused, and aren’t reconfigurable. Most often something off-the-shelf can’t be integrated into your existing applications. 80/20 fits your needs for today, and tomorrow.

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Solution Possibilities

  1. Custom Carts
  2. Mobile Workstations
  3. Articulating Arms
  4. Lifting Equipment
  1. Vacuum Assist Devices
  2. Tilt Stands
  3. Angled Shelving
  4. Tailored Work Cells
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