CNC Router

Business or Hobbyist

80/20 products are perfect for businesses, groups, and the home-hobbyist alike. Here’s a great testimonial from David, who used 80/20 profiles and parts to build a custom CNC machine for his home workshop.

David turned to 80/20 specifically because of
how easy it is to use. He didn’t have steel
welding resources or capabilities or large
machining tools; 80/20 products allowed him to
“cut on my chop saw which opened up another
door for me. I wasn’t limited to finding a piece
and making it fit. I didn’t really need a lot of big
tools to make 80/20 work for me.” When
building the CNC machine David knew
he needed “something that was better
and more stable…something industrial
but adjustable which didn’t require
nails or shooting screws.”

What'd He Use?

This CNC router is comprised mainly of 10 series extrusions; even the legs are made of 80/20 profiles! The legs are 15 series and cut to about 2 to 3 inches and connected with a corner bracket that David custom drilled. Another benefit he enjoys by building with 80/20; the choices and options in fasteners and connecting methods.

David notes that by utilizing 80/20 to build a CNC machine for his home he has “added the capacity to cut aluminum which has opened up a whole new world.”

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