Modern Look
& Practical Solution

Built to Last and Eye-Catching

80/20 is a lightweight, modern, durable product that provides unlimited design possibilities and a completely customized solution. What’s more, 80/20 is modular and easily reconfigured; this allows you to test and try a variety of options and scenarios without having to start from the beginning.

Architecture solutions need to be eye-catching and engaging. The wide array of panel and mesh materials, sizes, thicknesses, and colors 80/20 provides in-stock mean you can design your fixture or display to be attractive and aesthetic. You also have access to an in-house panel shop to create that unique look without the time and hassles involved in multiple vendors.

  1. Aesthetic Fixtures
  2. Artwork Framing
  3. Ceiling Framing
  4. Decorative Partitions
  5. Display Cases
  6. Furniture
  7. Handrails
  8. Indoor and Outdoor Signs
  9. Lighting Rigs
  10. Mobile Structures

Mobile Structures

80/20 T-slot profiles and parts are simple and easy to put together; they don’t require skilled labor and can be built on-location. This means you’ll experience reduced transportation and fabrication costs. Take advantage of our 80/20 Builds service that can subassemble your project or even complete the entire build and deliver it to you, ready to install.

You’ll find that our in-house capabilities, such as our Custom Machine and Panel Shops, mean you can avoid the headaches and associated costs of dealing with multiple vendors while getting your product fast and to the highest level of quality.

Visit the Solutions page to see how 80/20 can be used in any industry.