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Solutions for Plant Floor to Top Floor

Productive Layout

People, materials, and machines need to be considered in the layout and design of your facility. Make it safe with durable 80/20 guarding, enclosures, and barriers. With 80/20 you’ll find limitless ways to create accessible, usable spaces in every area of the building. The modular nature of 80/20’s T-slot framing system allows for efficient modifications and expansion.

Boost Morale

The design of your layout has the power to influence employee morale. According to the Harvard Business Review, exposure to natural light can improve mood and productivity. 80/20’s wide stock of clear, mesh, and light-filtering privacy panels bring daylight into workspaces, creating a positive impact throughout your facility.

Customizable & Flexible

80/20 products support ongoing workflow improvement initiatives, such as lean, 5S, QRM, and others. Applications designed with 80/20 are flexible and customizable for changing product-based and process-based layouts. Whether you require a facility layout centered on process or product or need a fixed-position or cellular layout, modular carts, shelving, racks, and more give you adequate space for materials handling, storage, and inventory.

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Dynamic movement—a combination of sitting, standing, and leaning—shows the best outcomes for employee health and productivity, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Modular aluminum workbenches in an outdoor setting, illustrating a customizable workspace solution.

Rethink the Break Room

Eating in the kitchen or cafeteria space can be convenient without sacrificing productivity. Aside from offering appliances and supplying ample seating options, consider embedding outlets and charging stations in tabletops to create technology hubs. These arrangements allow employees to continue to be productive and identify new ways to use collaborative spaces.

Close-up of industrial machinery with pressure gauges and metallic piping, set against an aluminum frame.

Support Large Operations

Many industrial applications in larger facilities must withstand the high impact and heavy vibrations of constant use. 80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles stand up to these challenges where other framing options fail. The “2-degree drop-lock” is a unique 80/20 design feature that combats high stress and vibrations. When engaged, the drop-lock creates a vibration-resistant connection, while also providing consistent precision and accuracy.

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Download your free Facilities Solutions Booklet and discover how 80/20 can make a crucial impact within your industry.

Reimagine These Workspaces

  1. Conference Room
  2. Reception / Lobby
  3. Kitchen / Break Room
  4. IT Room
  1. Recording Studio
  2. Courtyard
  3. Fitness Space
  4. Office Spaces
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