Tax Exemption Guide

Thanks for your interest in placing an order on If you have a sales tax exemption, it's important that you follow these steps before placing an order:

  • Create an account on this site (or login to your existing account)
  • There are two ways to initiate the process of uploading a tax certificate:
    • Click on Tax Certificates once you've logged in
    • Go to the checkout, proceed to the second step of the checkout, and then click the "Is this purchase tax-exempt?" link.
  • Once you have initiated the process of uploading a tax certificate:
    • Fill out your address information and proceed to the next step
    • Once you get to the step of the form that begins with "Business Information", you will have two options:
      • Option 1 (recommended, since you'll be able to checkout immediately after completing the form): You can input all of your information into the form fields and the tax exemption certificate will be generated for you. Under the "Seller Information" heading, enter 80/20 LLC into the "Seller Contact Person" and "Doing Business as Name (DBA)" fields.
      • Option 2: Alternatively, upload your existing exemption certificate. The downside of this option is that you'll need to wait to checkout until our team manually reviews and approves your document (within one business day). If your tax exemption form has a seller or vendor information box, make sure you fill the box with our information:
        80/20 LLC
        1701 S 400 E
        Columbia City, IN 46725
  • Once you submit the tax exemption form:
    • If you went with "Option 1", your certificate will be automatically approved and you'll be able to proceed to checkout as tax exempt. NOTE: If you are still seeing tax being charged, please contact us.
    • If you went with "Option 2", we will need to manually review your exemption certificate within one business day. Please come back after one business day and try to check out, and your order should not be charged taxes.