Custom Applications for Lean Initiatives

Optimize Your Processes

In order to remain competitive and increase value to customers, lean thinking is an integral part of operations. Continuous improvement with an emphasis on reducing waste will help optimize lean processes. Flexible systems that accommodate your current needs and can be easily modified for the future is key.

Profiles = Productivity

Off-the-shelf applications lock you into products that don’t optimize your resources. This leads to waste of valuable floor space and forces employees to conform to the application instead of the other way around. 80/20 provides custom solutions that are scalable and improve process flow to support your focus on lean.

Strong Yet Flexible

Longevity of materials is important to create lean solutions, along with flexibility for maintenance and redesign or expansion. 80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles offer a reconfigurable option with durability and strength comparable to steel. What’s more, T-slot products don’t have the corrosive properties, heavy assembly and maintenance costs associated with non-aluminum materials.

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Lean initiatives consistently improve productivity by up to 25% while also decreasing waste by 20% or more.

An Integrated Approach

The T-slot profile has a channel that allows you to mount components directly to your structure. This provides infinite positioning of accessories such as sensors, valves, monitors, safety controls, motors, and barcode scanners, all of which are integrated right into your application. Profiles work double-duty, allowing you to run tubes and wires within the T-slot channel or even add pressurization directly to your frame or workstation.

Reduce Your Cost of Ownership

80/20 products make is straightforward for you to build your custom solutions. You choose the products that best fit your circumstances. With over 120 profile shapes, ranging from light to heavy-duty, and thousands of accessories, you’ll be prepared to respond fast to changing circumstances. What’s more, the 80/20 building system doesn’t require skilled labor; you’ll find that T-slot profiles are easy to assemble, requiring only common hand tools.

Lean into Today and Tomorrow

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Solution Possibilities

  1. Conveying Systems
  2. Flow Racks
  3. Machine Frames
  4. Modular Work Cells
  5. Robot Guards
  1. End-of-Arm Tooling Devices
  2. Mobile Workstations
  3. Industrial Clamps
  4. Pick and Place Systems
  5. Material Handling Carts
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