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Reconfigure as Your Needs Change

Durability Meets Functionality

80/20 T-slot profiles provide solutions to manufacturing challenges; used in a variety of applications, aluminum profiles are similar in strength to steel, long-lasting, easily reconfigurable and provide completely customizable applications. Unlike steel or piping, T-slots are easy to clean and maintain, saving time and speeding up production. They are corrosion-resistant and can withstand temperature changes better than alternatives.

The T-slot Advantage

Commonly used for fixtures, guarding, jigs, machine frames, repair benches and enclosures, the 80/20 T-slot system is a sustainable product that allows you to tailor your design and integrate with existing structures. The profiles also enable you to incorporate tooling plates and blocks, punches, spreaders, and slitters anywhere along the T-slot, reducing changeover times between jobs.

Complete Solutions

Every stage in the production lifecycle is important, from concept to completion. This includes material handling of parts, work-in-process, and finished goods. Custom workstations and material handling solutions are most efficient when designed specifically for your resources. 80/20 provides high-quality floor to frame parts that are tailored to your needs; add leveling feet for uneven floors, casters for mobility, or storage bins for organization.

Did you know that OSHA has specific guidelines for horizontal injection and thermoforming machines?

Automated manufacturing equipment enclosed within a clear safety guard made from aluminum extrusions.

Guarding and Safety Solutions

The need for comprehensive safety and guarding equipment also poses unique hurdles and opportunities. Plastics processing machines are complex and require protection from nip points, several moving parts, and exposure to both high voltage and temperatures. 80/20 offers a range of products for your specific guarding and enclosure needs to limit your risks, damage, and expenses. Download Your Free Guarding & Safety Solutions Booklet to learn more.

Close-up of industrial machinery with pneumatic components and control buttons on a blue workstation.

Reduced Cycle Times

It’s important for you to get new machines, equipment and resources up and running quickly. To improve setup times as well as simplify and speed up your cycle time from idea to implementation, 80/20 offers a large selection of design tools and file types so that you can easily integrate these products into your current software and planning systems.

Advertisement for 'Custom Lean Solutions by 80/20' featuring a modern industrial workstation.

Lean into Today and Tomorrow

Download your free Lean Solutions Booklet and learn how to advance your lean initiatives and reduce waste with 80/20.

Solution Possibilities

  1. Machine Frames
  2. Work Cells
  3. Conveyor Systems
  4. Guards
  5. Material Handling Carts
  1. Mobile Workstations
  2. Testing Fixtures
  3. Robotic Arm Bases
  4. Repair Benches
  5. Enclosures
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