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Convenience Through Customization

Simple Storage

This quick and easy build is a perfect way to add more storage and take advantage of vertical wall space. Add rubber bumpers to a T-slot profile and you’ve got custom storage that you can modify as needed. Mount your rack where it best fits your space; the design and location is completely up to you!

Strong Solution

80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles are long-lasting and strong. The T-slot profile has an anodize finish, meaning they are corrosion-resistant and don’t erode over time, unlike most other materials. It stands up to wear and tear and outperforms wood and plastic.

Download Project Files

Ready to start building your wall mount kayak paddle rack? Download the project plan, bill of materials, and design files in popular formats. You can also learn more about 80/20 watersports builds by visiting our Xtreme DYI Solutions webpage.

Download Files
xdiy 2105 tube rack Picture

Space Saver

Utilize wall space for added room; create your paddle rack to fit your area and your equipment.
xdiy 2105 tube rack tread tip Picture

Rubber Bumpers

Slide where needed to hold paddles safely in place.

xdiy 2102 Floor glide picture

Easy Assembly

Straightforward design makes it a fast build.

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