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Attention-grabbing furniture! 80/20 in-home solutions pull your room together and provide that eye-catching appeal that people notice as unique and interesting. Design your pieces to fit your style and space; height, length, width, and color are all completely customizable.

Aesthetic & Durable

These pieces have a polished appearance while also providing a long-lasting and durable option, able to withstand everyday use. The water-resistant tabletop won’t warp and the closed T-slots are easy to wipe down and also prohibit dust accumulation.

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Ready to start planning your coffee and end tables? Download the project plan, bill of materials, and design files in popular formats. You can also get more inspiration by viewing other XDIY videos or visiting the Photo Gallery.

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Coffee & End Tables

Polished Appearance

Smooth black anodized profiles enhance existing furniture and add a modern look. Dowel rods can be stained and used in the T-slot to create a warming tone.
Coffee & End Tables

Strength & Durability

No need to kid-proof! The panel top is water-resistant and won’t warp while the close-sided profiles prohibit dust accumulation, ideal for high traffic areas.
Coffee & End Tables

Easily Integrate Extras

Incorporate shelves and drawers to accommodate your preferences. These variations provide storage space and organization while adding a distinctive design element.
Coffee & End Tables

Dual Purpose Hardware

Inside corner connectors act as fasteners as well as provide support for the tabletop. Incorporate panel, glass, or wood; whatever material best suits your tastes and needs.

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