Modern & Functional Storage

Create a Central Station

Organize and store bins to keep areas tidy and trash from piling over and becoming an eye-sore. This durable cabinet is long-lasting and can hold up to wear and tear. Closed T-slots make this easy to clean up and wipe down. Add shelving, as needed, for beverages, snacks, or even literature and handouts.

Customize Your Cabinet

Customize the cabinet to fit your space requirements and color scheme, or even add your logo. Create a recycle station by adding green panels and specific cutouts to make it easy to separate materials. The casters provide mobility so that you can relocate the cabinet as needed.

Download Project Files

Ready to start planning your hideaway cabinet? Download the project plan, bill of materials, and design files in popular formats. You can also get more inspiration by viewing other XDIY videos or visiting the Photo Gallery.

Download Files
Hideaway Cabinet

Long-Lasting Solution

T-slot profiles and products are aesthetic, durable and made to last.
Hideaway Cabinet

Modern Woodgrain Panels

Sleek woodgrain panels provide impact and scratch resistance.
Hideaway Cabinet

Practical & Aesthetic Handles

Handles are flush with the panel and don’t protrude, convenient for high-traffic areas.

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