Intro 101: Building with 80/20

Helpful Tips When Designing and Assembling

To help you learn about your options we have provided educational overviews and videos for each product type. This information will assist you in narrowing down your choices as well as provide details on how products work together and tips and tricks to help you design and build with 80/20.

Profiles Floor to Frame
Fastening Options Add-On Components
Panels & Doors Finishing Your Frame

Instructional Videos: See How It’s Done

Be sure to visit the “Videos” tab for each product section for “how-to” videos and helpful pointers when designing and assembling your solution.

Product Highlight Series

Tips & Tricks Series
Learn some tricks of the trade that 80/20 builders have found over the years to help in the assembly process.

AQX Tutorials

Walk through the basic functions of 80/20’s free design software AutoQuoterX II with these helpful tutorials.