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Your Garage Home Base

Tailored to Your Tools

Design your charging station to fit your space and tailor it to your equipment. Anchor fasteners make it simple and straightforward to adjust the shelves if your needs change. Space the connector rods to accommodate your power tools and supplies.

Central Charging & Storage

The power strip can be mounted along any profile to keep your cords organized while charging multiple batteries at once. You’ll save valuable work space and make sure your power tools are always ready to go.

Download Project Files

Ready to start planning your charging station? Download the project plan, bill of materials, and design files in popular formats. You can also get more inspiration by viewing other XDIY videos or visiting the Photo Gallery.

Download Files
Charging Station

Charge It Up

Mount your power strip along any of the profiles to keep cords organized while charging multiple batteries at the same time.
Charging Station

Customize with Rods

Connector rods can be spaced to optimize your work area by accommodating your specific tools and equipment.
Charging Station

Adjustable Shelves

Anchor fasteners allow you to easily move shelves up and down as your tools and supplies change.

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