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Linear Motion

Linear bearings allow you to add repeated motion to your project. The core concept is that profiles act as guiderails, and pads are inserted into the T-slot to enable movement. 80/20 linear bearings are industrial grade and can withstand high-use heavy load systems.

80/20 bearings include UHMW pads that are lubrication-free in order to reduce costs and maintenance.

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Standard Linear Bearings

Standard linear bearings are available with single or double flanges, long or short configurations, and standard or high-cycle pads. There are also options that come with predrilled holes, making it easy to add brake kits. Bearing assemblies include pads, screws, and shims. The shims are used to create a precise fit; they are easy to install without having to disassemble the bearing. Keep in mind that standard bearings are designed for compression loads and not intended to support hanging loads.

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80/20 also offers custom UniBearings™. They differ from the standard linear bearing in that they are adjustable for a range of profiles and can be installed even when a T-slot is captivated. UniBearings™ are easily integrated into existing structures and are commonly used in applications such as automation equipment or guards that require frequent movement. All UniBearings™ include holes for easily adding a brake kit. The stainless steel screws secure bearings to the housing, eliminating the need for high-cycle pads.

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