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Increase Space

There’s never enough room! But with a custom 80/20 storage shelf you can create a solution that fits your specific needs and opens up more area while providing organization. Add shelves where you need them or include bins, tool holders and wire management products; they mount directly to the T-slot!

Strong and Secure

80/20 T-slot profiles are lightweight yet strong and durable. It’s a long-lasting solution that won’t degrade over time and repeated use, unlike most other materials that warp or corrode. Use leveling feet with that can pivot up to 20 degrees to help even out floor surfaces.

Download Project Files

Ready to start building your wall Storage Shelf? Download the project plan, bill of materials, and design files in popular formats. You can also learn more about 80/20 watersports builds by visiting our Xtreme DYI Solutions webpage.

Download Files
xdiy 2105 tube rack tread tip Picture

Sturdy Shelving

ABS haircell panels hide scratches and marks and withstands warping.

xdiy 2102 Floor glide picture

Level Up

Leveling feet accommodate uneven floor surfaces.

xdiy 2102 Floor glide picture

Add the Extras

Integrate storage bins, tool hangers, or wire management products directly in the T-slot.

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