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Safeguards for Compliance

According to OSHA, anything that can cause injury or illness in the workplace must be safeguarded. 80/20 safety guards provide compliance for safety standards and eliminate worry about costly accidents. Acrylic panel guarding options withstand repeated cleaning, prevent transmission of harmful viruses and bacteria, allow for unobstructed line of sight, and absorb the impact of flying debris. Thermoplastic wire mesh guarding acts as a safety fence to prevent unauthorized access to machines and inventory. When you choose 80/20, you choose a safety guard that protects your equipment, the facility, workers, and visitors alike, so you can focus on the business of your business.

Modular and Customizable

80/20’s unique T-slot aluminum framing system allows for a modular design that is easy to expand as your operations grow and is reconfigurable for changing floor plans. Ultra-Lite smooth profiles are lightweight, allowing for easier cleaning and fast assembly. Unlike steel safety guards, guards made with 80/20 aluminum require no welding, only minimal tools for assembly and access. The T-slot design also opens a world of possibilities for your guarding, including the integration of safety components mounted directly into the T-slot. From here, the possibilities for customization are endless: from custom machining to design assistance from 80/20 specialists.

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Ready to start building your safety guard? Download the project plan, bill of materials, and design files in popular formats. You can also get more information and view other guarding options by visiting our Safety & Guarding webpage.

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Floor Mount Base Plate

Anchor your safety guard to the floor and secure the positioning of your guard with a durable base plate.

ULS Fractional Profiles

Smooth, lightweight aluminum material allows for easy assembly, reconfiguration, and cleaning.

Acrylic Panels

Create a durable guard that withstands daily deep cleanings while also protecting against flying debris.

Mesh Panels

Thermoplastic wire mesh panels and mesh retainers combine to create a secure safeguard against unwanted access.

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