Your Industry Insight: Flexible Automation

As consumers continue to expect custom products at an increasingly fast pace, manufacturers are challenged with integrating systems that are quickly and easily repurposed to change product design. All while providing this mass customization with reduced costs. In this Industry Insight you will learn about flexible automation and how it helps solve these issues, as well as specific benefits you can expect.

Get examples from current manufacturers utilizing flexible automation and find out how the 80/20 T-slot system will help you accomplish your goals, including optimizing efficiencies while reducing safety hazards.

In this Industry Insight, begin exploring 80/20 in flexible automation.

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About 80/20 Inc.

80/20 Inc. is the originator and manufacturer of "The Industrial Erector Set®," a modular T-slot aluminum building system for every industry or application. From light to heavy-duty, 80/20 is a perfect solution for automation, robotic arms, machine frames, guarding, enclosures, displays, workstations and the DIY home hobbyist. With a catalog of over 8,500 products to choose from, design assistance, and 80/20 Builds assembly support, 80/20 Inc. will ensure your project is completed to the highest standards.

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