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— AutoQuoter SW® is a plugin for Solidworks® that allows users to design with 80/20 products. The plugin is compatible with all Solidworks versions 2020 and newer. Users can design with standard 80/20 parts or turn products into custom parts.
— AutoQuoterX™II is 80/20’s FREE 32 and 64-bit compatible plugin used in conjunction with full versions of AutoCAD® software. It features built-in rules to help prevent design flaws and an easy-to-use interface to streamline the design process.
— Get the real scoop regarding the cost of occupational injuries and find out how you can reduce your risk of injuries and fines with a proactive 80/20 solutions.
— Download this Industry Insight to learn about flexible automation and how the 80/20 T-slot system provides an integrated solution to optimize efficiencies while reducing safety hazards.
— Learn more about barrier guard designs and products available to make your environment safe.
— The 80/20 Tech Toolkit™ provides easy access in one convenient location to several design tools including Conversion and Deflection Calculators along with the Miter Cut Worksheet.
— Download this infographic to find out more about the "Top 7 Benefits of Integrated Robotic Automation" and how 80/20 can help you achieve higher productivity and give you flexibility to changes in the future.
— Find out how you can "Cut Out Work With Your Workstation" with this infographic detailing the variety of options you have when using 80/20 and the statistics to support a modular solution.
— Includes information, tips, and tools to help you design a lean workstation that will improve productivity and decrease costs.
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