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Add Convenience with a Custom Solution

Strong and Stable

Your saw stand needs to be both strong and stable to ensure safety and precise cuts. The 45 series T-slot profile provides both, and with a smooth surface that makes it easy to wipe down and keep clean. The aluminum profiles are durable and both vibration and corrosion resistant.

Unlimited Variations

With 80/20 T-slot products, you have never-ending options when it comes to add-ons, modifications, and changes. From casters to anchor fasteners and gravity rollers to aluminum plate panels, you get exactly what you need. And, it’s easy to reconfigure down the road if those needs change.

Download Project Files

Ready to start planning your custom saw stand? Download the project plan, bill of materials, and design files in popular formats. You can also get more inspiration by viewing other XDIY videos or visiting the Photo Gallery.

Download Files

45 Series

T-slot profiles are extremely sturdy and tough, to withstand heavy and repeated use.

Leveling Feet

Threaded stem enables height adjustments and swivel base compensates for uneven surfaces.

Adjustable Stop

A linear bearing adjustable stop saves time when making multiple cuts of the same length.

Custom Extension Table

Add extra room and work surfaces specific to your projects and space.

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