And the Winner is...

Congrats Zack!

Congratulations to Zack for winning the first random-drawing photo contest of 2018. Zack will receive a $200 coupon to for his instrumented treadmill! Zack built the treadmill to complete his master’s thesis; it examines the effects of military load carriage on vertical ground reaction parameters.

Thanks for sharing and have fun shopping!

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Past Winners


Solar Generator

Lawrence built a solar generator that houses a 1,400 kilowatt battery pack with an energy monitor and will be used by students to power devices like projectors and audio systems.


3D Printer

Laci designed and built a 3D printer! This is a high speed,
high volume printer that is fully functional and built with an 80/20 frame.


Electric Car

Kevin sent in a picture of his street-legal electric car. This 30-horsepower vehicle can go up to 70 miles per hour and is built with an 80/20 frame.


Video Camera Jig

James sent pictures of his video camera jig and notes that using 80/20 products allows him to create an uncomplicated jig to mount a video camera on a teleprompter or tripod at a 90-degree angle. “It’s adjustable to any size camera and cost significantly less than a commercially available system.”


Custom CNC Router

Jerry sent in a picture of his custom CNC router he is building completely from scratch. Jerry used a combination of 40 and 15 series profiles and notes that he "really liked that the joints went together very clean and are really tight."


Capstone Project

Peter and his students worked on a capstone project involving robotic and automation solutions. They incorporated 80/20 products in a variety of uses, from safety to framing applications.

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