T-slot Aluminum Provides Modular Option

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80/20 T-slot aluminum extrusions have become the staple for industrial framing and structures. The modularity, strength and ease of T-slot profiles can be found in every facet of the manufacturing and automation industry. The flexibility to design customized solutions to fit precisely within a process has revolutionized the industrial landscape by easily supporting ergonomics and lean efforts. 80/20 T-slot profiles have a wide range of benefits - for instance, it’s lightweight yet strong, resilient, corrosion-resistant, nontoxic, and aesthetic. It’s a flexible and modular option; the shape of the T-slot provides channels that allow infinite positioning, meaning it’s quick and straightforward when you need to make adjustments.

Design an application that fits your processes

Create custom solutions such as conveyors, machine frames, industrial safety guards, or shelving with 80/20 T-slot profiles and parts that fit to your process instead of the other way around. Off-the-rack solutions can’t provide the customization and personalization that you need.

We offer profile series to support a wide variety of applications. From our 10 and 20 series, which is perfect for light and mid-duty projects, up to our 15 and 40 series that are ideal for everything - even high-strength industrial builds - you’ll find the solution that’s best for your specific requirements.

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We'd like you to try us out! Here’s a free sample kit that contains two profiles, our popular end fastener, our strength-rated anchor fastener, and a hex wrench. Test out T-slot aluminum profiles and pieces to see for yourself how strong and easy they are to use.

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