DIY with 80/20 T-slot Profiles

The modular alternative to common DIY building materials

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80/20 T-slot profiles and parts make it straightforward for you to complete your home improvement and do-it-yourself projects. Perfect for every skill level from beginner to the seasoned DIY enthusiast, you simply configure your solution and make modifications and adjustments as needed. For the woodworker or welder, you’ll find 80/20 products are the perfect alternative as a reliable, long-lasting option that cuts down on your build time and speeds up your assembly process.

What makes 80/20 the perfect alternative to woodworking or welding?

80/20 profiles exceed or match the strength of wood and welded steel while also including T-slot channels along a number of axes. These T-slot channels let you easily apply a fastening connection at any location along the profile with little or no machining. Need to adjust spacing? No problem; you can loosen a fastener, change a profile’s position and tighten it down again using just a simple hex wrench.

Try accomplishing that with wood or a welded connection! If you’ve got a project in mind and aren’t a professional welder or woodworker, T-slot profiles are the way to go.

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We'd like you to try us out! Here’s a free sample kit that contains two profiles, our popular end fastener, our strength-rated anchor fastener, and a hex wrench. Test out T-slot aluminum profiles and pieces to see for yourself how strong and easy they are to use.


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