Built Your Way

3 Standard Building Options

Our building options can be utilized in any combination to get your project assembled just the way you want. Take a look at the three types below to better understand how to put 80/20 Builds to work for you.

This is a great option to save you valuable time on projects you may want to assemble on location. Preloaded fasteners, plates and accessories allow you to quickly and easily assemble your project. Add your components for a completed build. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about forgetting or miscounting fasteners!

This is also commonly used for high-quantity orders and kits; we routinely preload hundreds or even thousands of parts and can do so assembly-line style to increase efficiencies. All preloaded components are securely packed to make sure they arrive at your door ready to use.

Subassembly service is perfect for larger projects and applications that need the final assembly staged and completed onsite, for instance in machine frames and guarding applications. Letting 80/20 sub-assemble the main sections gives you the opportunity to sequence the completed layout the way you want it while we do the majority of the labor-intensive prep work.

We can handle any size or quantity and will label your items to make your final assembly simple and straight-forward. Subassemblies are also consolidated and optimized for shipping, lowering the overall freight cost.

With our full assembly service there are virtually no limits. This is perfect for those looking to save time or need the project ready to use as soon as it arrives. We can accommodate special requests or unique designs and even integrate your accessories or parts into the assembly.

There are no minimum requirements and no quantities that are too small or too big. When we build multiple kits, the service is priced to scale, meaning the more assemblies built the lower per unit price.

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